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Connect to the World - Today's modern office doesn’t work without the Internet.

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No Data Cabling means No Internet - No Phones - No Email and No Work!

You understand how important the Internet is for running your business - without it, work doesn't get done.

It's Critical that you get it right the first time

A professional and certified data cabling installation is the foundation to a properly performing IT network. Strong Wi-Fi, Fast Internet, Security Cameras, and Door Locks are just some of the applications used in today’s modern office to keep you connected, productive and safe.

Reliable Network

Your computers are connected and able to get on the Internet

Strong Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi that doesn't drop out in the middle of a critical meeting

Business Phone System

Clear phone calls over your Internet based Voice Over IP Phones

Time is money - don’t settle for data cabling that doesn’t fit your long-term needs or causes problems. With our reliable, certified installation, you’ll be able to trust that it’s done right and built to last!

Get a Network Built to Last

There are plenty of companies out there that install data cabling, what makes us different is that we're certified experts that design, build and service structured cabling systems. A professionally designed structured cabling system (SCS) is defined as the complete collective configuration of cabling and associated hardware that has been installed at a given site to provide a comprehensive information technology system (ITS) infrastructure. This infrastructure is intended to serve a wide range of uses and should not be device or application dependent.

Our Process

This is not something you do everyday and we want to make the process as simple as possible. Most tenants don't know data cabling is their responsibility when moving into a new office space, we're here for you every step of the way.

Walkthrough and Scope of Work

We offer a free onsite consultation (walkthrough) and work together with clients to establish and/or confirm the scope of work for the project.

Customized Proposal

We develop a custom project plan based on specifications, design, budget and timeline for project completion.

Schedule Your Installation

We schedule your installation of data cabling and/or fiber optics based on industry standards and codes to ensure that we meet your requirements.

We're Specialists in Structured Office Data Cabling, Fiber Optics, Access Controls and Security Camera Cabling

Copper Data Cabling

We install Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A, Cat8, Coax and Fiber Optics cabling in commercial establishments throughout Dallas, Ft. Worth, Plano, Frisco and Allen Texas.

Optical Fiber Cabling

We install single mode and multi-mode Panduit and Corning optical fiber cabling. Optical fiber cabling is primarily used for backbone cabling with 62.5/125 and 50/125 micrometer being the most popular.

Access Control Cabling

Need to secure your office space by having controlled access to your space? We install Access Control Cabling and security cameras as well.

We guarantee our Structured Office Data Cabling Systems and look forward to serving you soon.

A Professional Installation

We Don't Cut Corners - In order to build your Network Built to Last, We Do It by The Book.

Space Design

Applying Standards in Telecommunications Spaces Design. Ideally, telecommunications spaces are planned early in the building design stage. Spaces should be laid out in such a way that current cabling needs are met and future requirements become a natural extension of your original build.

Pathway Design

We install horizontal distribution systems that are used to distribute and support horizontal cable and connecting hardware. It can be the single most difficult aspect of the telecommunications pathway. However, the payoffs of a good horizontal design can accrue for the entire life span of the building.

Work Area Design

It is important to properly design the work area telecommunications cabling system to accommodate the needs of both the occupant and the equipment that the occupant will use. Most of this information will be determined from input from the customer and site survey.

Codes and Standards

We don't cut corners when it comes to installing your structured cabling system, we do it by the book. Building codes, standards and regulations govern the installation and handling practices and type of materials used by all designers and installers at The Brass Effect

Request a Custom Data Cabling Quote

Let us know what you need for a custom office data cabling quote.

What should you anticipate to pay for office data cabling?

Depending on the type of cabling chosen, you can expect pricing to be in the range of $175 to $400 per drop. Although there are several factors that go into building a Network Built to Last we wanted to give you a ball park estimate and do our part in not wasting your time.

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